Bernadette and Albert Doiron, Pomquet, circa 1920

Bernadette and Albert Doiron, Pomquet, circa 1920.   Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Betty Cameron     This photo was taken at the same time as the photo with the doll carriage. The difference in the quality of restoration is that no original was available for this photo, and Betty accomplished this from a scan of a […]

Pomquet School, 1913

Pomquet School, 1913 (located at present-day crossroads). Courtesy of PomquetHéritage.

Henry Doiron and Edmund Broussard, Pomquet, 1950s

Henry Doiron and Edmund Broussard, Pomquet, 1930s. They were very popular and would play till the wee hours at dances. Courtesy of Pomquet Héritage. Restoration:  Anne Louise MacDonald   This is the unrestored photo.  We will resize the restored photo so it can be uploaded here. DL


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Melon Sisters of Havre Boucher, c 1915

Melon sisters of Haver Boucher, c 1915. Courtesy of Pomquet Héritage.   Lorraine Fennell and her mother May (Doiron) Bouchard identify these three women as the Melon sisters from Havre Boucher, and related to  May’s grandmother Elizabeth Melon, who met Xavier Doiron in Boston.

Mary, Rita, Betty and Florence, c 1920s

Written on photo: Mary, Rita [Vincent], Betty and Florence (Mary & Florence are Benoit sisters), c 1920s. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. The other photo of Mary, Rita, Betty & Florence is circa late 1940’s Mary & Florence are sisters, daughters of Andrew Benoit & Flora Cross and Rita is the daughter of Simon Alfred Vincent & […]

Ida May Doiron, teacher, Monk’s Head School, c 1920s

Ida May Doiron, teacher, Monk’s Head School, c 1920s. Regardez le cloche. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage In conversation with May (Doiron) Bouchard on June 23, 2014: Ida May was my aunt and she lived with us. School entrance was not until what would be Grade 6 today, or age 12. From the age of 4 to […]