AHA!’s Heritage Walks for Health: Workshopping the Script for the Walk with Colonel Timothy Hierlihy



IA Heritage Walk DD-6160IA Heritage Walk DD-6282https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys5SVsTvh70&list=UUm1SjUVQthHMC1uXwkGs4Xw

Here is my effort to capture  on YouTube the rehearsal of the script for the Walk with Colonel Timothy Hierlihy, the 1784 Founder of Antigonish. Click on the link above. Our wonderful videographer and AHA! supporter provided all these images. Thank you, Denise and what a perfect day for an autumn walk.. Stay tuned to this site for the AHA! plans for a Festival of Heritage Walks beginning late summer 2015, visiting many of the sites featured in the heritage photos of Imagine Antigonish.   For the Hierlihy Walk, and the sites that preceded photography, have a look at the photos of the 1984 re-enactment, which were contributed by photographer Archie MacLellan.

Note how many Essential Conditions for Community Health that this project features.

A Healthy Community Knows Its History.


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  1. The regimental mortar and pestle features in the dramatized heritage walk, as Colonel Timothy Hierlihy would use it, before acquiring a bell, to call the worshipers to service — in his home, before the Anglican Church was built at Dorchester. A 1929 historical sketch of the 100th anniversary of the first Anglican clergyman in Antigonish, includes a poor quality photo of the pestle and mortar, and traces its history. “Thirty years ago it was in possession of Timothy Hierlihy’s granddaughters, the Misses Ogden — a heavy brass mortar with an iron pestle, whoses strident tone must have been irresistable [sic] even to the indolent and indifferent.” The Antigonish Heritage Museum is on the lookout for this relic. Please post here if you have any clues to its whereabouts.

  2. Just read this article on the healing possibilities of the pilgrimage for aboriginal-settler relationships, which feels very relevant for the “Participatory Pilgrimage with Colonel Timothy Hierlihy.” The art-health-history connection: this popular theatre – meditative pilgrimage will take us back — and forward — in the relationships between our Mi’kmaq First Nations and the settlers/founders of Antigonish. Here is what Rebecca Solnit says about pilgrimage: in her book Wanderlust:

    To walk there is to earn it, through laboriousness and through the
    transformation that comes during a journey. Pilgrimages make it
    possible to move physically, through the exertions of one’s body,
    step by step, toward those intangible spiritual goals that are
    otherwise so hard to grasp. We are eternally perplexed by how to
    move toward forgiveness or healing or truth, but we know how
    to walk from here to there, however arduous the journey


  3. Thank you very interesting. My father was the last living descendent of Timothy Hierlihy. He’s been gone for seven years now. I love seeing information on our ancestors. I guess that’s why I’m still here it’s part of my heritage and it’s in my blood.

    • Dear Kim:
      Music to my ears. I have been hoping to connect with a descendant of Timothy Hierlihy. Your father was not the last as long as you (and your children???) are still with us. Do you live in Antigonish? We would love to have you and any of your family be part of our planned heritage walk, for which I have written a script. We have applied for grants to pay performers/musicians as well as heritage specialists, and if we are successful, we will be staging this dramatized heritage walk at Town Point during the Highland Games 2015. I would love to have a chat with you and learn what you know about the Hierlihy family. Possible?? My telephone number is 902 863 0396 or you can respond here.

  4. Although I am not a descendant of Timothy Hierlihy, I am a descendant of Michael Webb and the Mi’kmaq/Acadian community that preceeded them. Please keep me informed about this project.

    • Hello Pierre:
      We will be posting updates on the Hierlihy project on this site. Please make sure that you have checked “Send Notification” when you scroll down under Liked on the Imagine Antigonish page. Right now, we are recruiting actors and “extras” for the One-Act Play Festival in March on the founding of Antigonish. This will also serve as rehearsal for the dramatized heritage walks planned for the Summer of 2015. And we would particularly like to have in our cast descendents from the 1784 settlers, which includes the Webbs. Please give us a call at 863-0396
      Dorothy Lander

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