Arthur Venedam, 1952

Arthur Venedam, 1952. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.

B3 - Arthur Venedam, 1952

Since the 1970s, Arthur and Ronnie Venedam (A & R Venedam Construction) have carried on the family business as general contractors, building and restoring homes and businesses. They are located at 15 Oak Lane in Whiddens Trailer Court.

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  1. Dorothy Lander in conversation with Arthur Venedam, June 30, 2014, in response to this photo.
    I was the first grandchild, and the only grandchild on my mother’s side. I got so many toys. My mother was Evangeline Boudreau from Boston, and this car came from the US. We never saw anything like this in Nova Scotia. The photo is taken at the old house. Brother Pierre lives there now.

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