Ben Paul, Mathilde (Syliboy) Paul and family, 1958

Ben Paul, Mathilde (Syliboy) Paul and family, 1958. Courtesy of John R. Prosper, Family Album. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.

B2 - Ben Paul, Mathilde (Syliboy) Paul and family, 1958

This is the unrestored photo.  The restored photo will be re-sized so it can be uploaded here.

Paula Paul told us that the new bridge going up in Heatherton (2014) is right by the site of Mathilde’s house (now long gone). Ben Paul was a master carver and a fiddler. He made handles for farm tools, such as axes, hoes, and rakes. Paula’s colleague Agnes Kennedy remembers Ben Paul delivering axe handles to her home in Merlin.

Compare the restored and unrestored photos

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January 24, 2016:  Mary Simmons, daughter of Mathilde and Benny Paul, identified the children in the photo. She is Mary Freda Paul (Simmons) in front holding the doll.  Back row: John R. Prosper and Patricia Paul Bernard; Phyllis Paul beside Mathilde, now Mrs. John Noel Prosper.

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