Billy Colin MacDonald family, 1949

Billy Colin MacDonald family, 1949, Back L-R: Billy Colin, Ronald, Colin; Middle L-R: Catherine (MacFarlane), Tina, Ann Theresa, Mary Lillian, Catherine; Front: L-R:Eunice, Margie, Roddie, Wilena, Family home build 1830, James River, c 1947. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald. Inset: L-R: Twins, Mary Lillian and Ann Theresa c 1937.

B8 - Billy Colin MacDonald family, 1949

Dorothy Lander in conversation with Mary Lillian MacDonald, June 29, 2014:

We were dressed up and probably going to church, St. Joseph’s. We would all pile in the truck. The house has been restored. This house has been in our family for over 150 years. It was built in 1830, all made of plank. My sisters Tina and Margaret MacDonald live there now.

I am the smaller one in the twins photo. Ann was always larger. We were born at home. I was 3 pounds and Ann was 6 pounds. I wasn’t expected to live. I was put on the oven door – that was the incubator!! My Aunt Lillian [MacFarlane] was a nurse and she delivered us. I was baptized right away. You did this conditionally in those day, if there was no priest around, and then could be taken to the church later on.

Colin was only 11 months old when we were born. Poor Mama.

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  1. Can anyone help with identifying the location of this photo, as requested on the Vintage Postcards site?? One suggestion was that it was James River. Could one of the farmhouses be Billy Colin MacDonald’s, where his daughters Tina and Margie now live???

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