Danny Graham, CEO, Engage Nova Scotia

Who remembers that Danny Graham as a StFX student, when he was the President of the Students’ Union and  Residence Director of MacDonald House on lower campus? Watch the video for a glimpse of his X ring.

Affordable Antigonish on ACALA TV

Affordable Antigonish, directed by Peter Murphy, is the first in a series of videos on housing issues affecting the people of Antigonish. This project, made possible through funding made available through the Catherine Donnelly Foundation, was a collaboration between the Antigonish County Adult Learning Association (ACALA), the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services […]

Resilience: India’s Multilayered Approach to Medicine

The word “tabiyat,” the common term in many Indian languages to refer to health, shares a similar meaning with the word “resilience.”  It has a definition that extends far beyond medical implications. “It encompasses psychological, spiritual health, and wellbeing in the broadest sense. . . . It’s to do with the internal capacity rather than external […]

Tompkinsville plays Antigonish, April 30, 2015

  Lindsay Kyte’s magnificent play Tompkinsville came to Antigonish on April 30, 2015 and played to a receptive audience, clearly proud of our town and university’s role in Tompkinsville as part of the Antigonish Movement. An additional part of the auditorium had to be opened up.  Standing ovation! These photos of Fr. Jimmy and Tompkinsville reveal […]

Old Photographs as Window into Another World

  This is the letter from the letter of Hyperallergenic blog for April 15, 2015.   A certain sadness about photographs that are stripped of their stories. Yesterday, as I was walking through the crooked streets of Beyoğlu in Istanbul, I came across a beaten up suitcase filled with old photographs being sold for 50 kuruş […]

Commemorate the Battle of Culloden Saturday April 18, 2015

http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1281155-out-and-about-five-things-to-do-in-nova-scotia-this-weekend Commemorating the Battle of Culloden feature in the top things to do in Nova Scotia this weekend.  Antigonish Scots feature in this photo:   Peter MacKenzie gave a rousing and inspired address about the Battle of Culloden and the challenges Scottish settlers faced when they arrived in Nova Scotia. (MICHAEL GORMAN / File) Scots […]

Photographer Levi Bettwieser Develops 31 Lost Film Rolls Taken by World War II Soldier

http://hyperallergic.com/176743/photographer-develops-31-lost-film-rolls-taken-by-world-war-ii-soldier/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Photographer+Develops+31+Lost+Film+Rolls+Taken+by+World+War+II+Soldier&utm_content=Photographer+Develops+31+Lost+Film+Rolls+Taken+by+World+War+II+Soldier+CID_4813bb77ac4edf306a51205bd28715c4&utm_source=HyperallergicNewsletter Photographer Levi Bettwieser has an unusual passion: he hunts down and develops old film rolls left inside vintage cameras or forgotten by their owners in the backs of musty drawers. He sees himself as “rescuing” the images from oblivion. “I believe if we weren’t actually searching for and finding these rolls of film, they could be […]

1910 Freight Charges New Glasgow to Antigonish

In 1910 Freight Charges from New Glasgow to Antigonish a whopping $.30 and delivery made by the Stage Driver Scanned image courtesy of Robert Inglis on Old Photos of Antigonish Town and County

Nova Scotia Archives for Black History Month

http://novascotia.ca/archives/virtual/default.asp… The Public Archives of Nova Scotia do not include many photographs but they have scanned early documents from Sir Guy C arleton papers, including the title page from 1783 The Book of Negroes, which is at the heart of the CBC 6-part series of the same name, aired in January, 2015.     We […]