Danny Graham, CEO, Engage Nova Scotia

Who remembers that Danny Graham as a StFX student, when he was the President of the Students’ Union and  Residence Director of MacDonald House on lower campus? Watch the video for a glimpse of his X ring.

Resilience: India’s Multilayered Approach to Medicine

The word “tabiyat,” the common term in many Indian languages to refer to health, shares a similar meaning with the word “resilience.”  It has a definition that extends far beyond medical implications. “It encompasses psychological, spiritual health, and wellbeing in the broadest sense. . . . It’s to do with the internal capacity rather than external […]

FoAL launches fundraising campaign

http://www.thecasket.ca/archives/43996 From The Casket, March 12, 2015 Friends of the Antigonish Library (FoAL) vice-chair Len. ‘P.D.’ MacDonald, fundraising chair Edward Langille and chair Lyle Smith, as well as Amberlee Boulton from the People’s Place Library, met recently to discuss a new fundraising campaign FoAL has started. PHOTO: Richard MacKenzie   Noting libraries across the province […]

Photographer Christian Berthelot captures the Raw Images of Birth

“Far from the clichés and platitudes, I wanted to show us, as we are when we are born,” photographer Christian Berthelot explains in his artist statement. Far from the pristine images of rosy-cheeked babies we’re often used to digesting, Berthelot’s raw photographs capture babies as almost alien creatures — naked, screaming and drenched in bodily juices.   […]

19th century American history and health is the focus of Video Games Sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

http://hyperallergic.com/168185/video-games-on-smallpox-and-thoreaus-walden-get-government-funding/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Thomas+Kinkade+and+the+Jesus+of+Zionsville+a+Christmas+Tale&utm_content=Thomas+Kinkade+and+the+Jesus+of+Zionsville+a+Christmas+Tale+CID_2b1cdf39154d5269a4223db617cb3889&utm_source=HyperallergicNewsletter&utm_term=Video%20Games%20on%20Smallpox%20and%20Thoreaus%20Walden%20Get%20Government%20Funding   A 19th-century Philadelphia smallpox epidemic and Henry David Thoreau’s transcendental retreat into the woods are the subjects of two video games awarded grants by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) on December 8, 2014.     Both of the 19th-century American history games are structured to transport users into the often unpleasant past, one where you’re a […]

Mindcraft: A century of madness, murder and mental healing

http://digitalstories.wellcomecollection.org/pathways/1-mindcraft/index.html Just this month, the Wellcome Collection (UK) released Mindcraft, an interactive digital story using their archives on mental health and the use of mind control.   Mesmer, Svengali, and Freud are presented as the 19th century pioneers in the field of mental health. The case of Anna O and the “talking cure” is featured.   Bertha Pappenheim, referred […]

London-based Photographer Sandi Ford showcases stunning maternity photos.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/06/pregnancy-photography-sensual-sexy_n_6109776.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023&ir=Good+News London-based photographer Sandi Ford showcases the “sensual, sexy, attractive, and elegant” side of pregnant women through stunning maternity photos.   For me, the black and white photos are the most striking and evocative.

House of Providence: Maternity Hospital in Antigonish 1914-1924

    This family home at 66 Hawthorne Street was operated as a Maternity Hospital by the Sisters of St Martha for 10 years: 1914 to 1924 and known as the House of Providence.  It was built around 1880 and was part of the Trotter lands and farms on Hawthorne Street. Henry McCurdy purchased this […]

The Angelina Effect

http://healthland.time.com/2013/05/15/the-angelina-effect-times-new-cover-image-revealed/http://   The Angelina Effect represents Angelina Jolie in black and white on the cover of Time Magazine May 15, 2013, in which she announces her double mastectomy and raises awareness and dialogue about genetic testing for the Breast Cancer gene.  Why black and white? Because it has more impact than colour?