Albert Einstein: Musician and Physicist   “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of my violin.” -Albert Einstein, 1929   All the b/w photos of Einstein on this […]

StFX Drafting Class, 1909

StFX Drafting Class, 1909. Photographer: Fred Piper, drafting instructor. Courtesy of StFX University Archives

A learning hive, 1955

A learning hive. L-R : John, Leo, Toosje, Adrian, Linda, Adrian Sr., Henry, Anthony, Ria, Johanna (pregnant with Mary), 1955. Courtesy of Toosje Van de Sande, Family Album. In conversation with Casey and Toosje Van de Sande: We still use that same honey separator that the Van Berkels were using in the 1950s. Yes, the […]

StFX Debating Team, 1913

StFX Debating Team, 1913. Photography: Waldren Studios. Courtesy of Dalhousie University Archives, Waldren Studios Collection 307-026.

Mount St. Bernard First Graduating Class, B.A., 1897

Mount St. Bernard First Graduating Class, B.A., 1897. L-R: Florence MacDonald, Mary E. Bisset, Lillian MacDonald, Margaret F. MacDougall. Photography: Rudolph and Waldren Studios. Courtesy of StFX University Archives 89-1480-1570 In 1883, Mount St. Bernard at StFX was the first Catholic women’s college in North America to provide courses leading to a bachelor’s degree, under […]

StFX Drafting student, 1910

StFX Drafting student, 1910. Courtesy of Bart Sears, C. J. MacGillivray album, and the Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald. A similar photo of a 1909 drafting class, taken by drafting instructor Fred Piper. A search for the name Charlie Malzard on the blackboard by Anne Louise MacDonald revealed a Charles Stanley Malzard 1889-1959 […]

Nora Bateson’s Bookmobile for the PEI Library Demonstration 1933-1936

Nora Bateson Bookmobile for PEI Library Demonstration, 1933.  Courtesy of Beaton Institute #83-6197-13497 In the original Imagine Antigonish collection launched in 2014. this photo of the bookmobile was incorrectly attributed to an initiative of Fr. Jimmy Tompkins and the Antigonish Movement when he was the parish priest in Reserve Mines. Sue Adams, who has […]