Snoga on Snowshoes on the Keppoch Summit

Frig Off Get Fit hosted an Antigonish first —  Yoga on SnowshoesOur Snowga instructor Speirag Hendra, Noella Murphy with FrigOffGetFit leaders Rosemary Curry and Filmmaker Corinne Dunphy John Graham=Pole reaches the summit Dorothy Lander reaches the summit

John MacIntyre 1826 – 1916

This photo was contributed to the Old Photos of Antigonish blog with this annotation from Daniel Matta: This is my great great great great grandfather, John Macintyre(3/15/1826-1916). He came to Antigonish with his parents John Macintyre and Marion Mary Sarah McPhee came to Antigonish from Scotland. They came in the early 1800s. John married Flora […]

Don Harron dead age 90 For those of us who grew up with Anne of Green Gables and then Charlie Farquharson on Hee Haw, can anyone doubt that this icon of Canadian culture was good for our health?   Charlie Farquharson, a fictitious folksy story teller from Parry Sound, Ont. who poked fun at almost anything Canadian, became a cult classic […]

Martin Chambi: The Trailblazing Peruvian Photographer Who Captured a Vanishing World

Martín Chambi, “Organist in the Capela de Tinta, Sicuani” (1935) Martin Chambi is most famous for his expressive, painterly portrayals of Peru’s diverse society, some of which are currently on view at São Paulo’s Instituto Moreira Salles in Face Andina – Fotografias de Martín Chambi. The exhibition builds on the museum’s recent acquisition of 88 of Chambi’s images and spans the breadth of […]

David Goldblatt: Photographing the Crossroads of Life and Death in South Africa

  Squatter camp on the fringe of the N1 highway, Woodstock, Cape Town, August 22, 2006 Beginning in the 1940s, South African photographer David Goldblatt documented the people and landscapes of his country in striking black and white. It was only after apartheid that he felt comfortable with color in his work. In Regarding Intersections, published this October by Steidl, Goldblatt’s photographs […]

Girlfriends 1950s

GIRLFRIENDS L-R: Junior Wong, Patricia Wong, Frances MacMillan, Karin Alex Fleurin.  Photograph: Courtesy of Mary Rose Wong Mary Rose Wong provided additional details about this photo.  The Wong family lost Junior in the tragic fire of 1961.  The 5 and 10 store in the background was also known as the Green & White. Who else […]

Town Point Heritage Walk October 2014

So glad to have a photo of our vidoegrapher, Antoinette Karuna, and Silvio, sound engineer.  Philip Girvan (here with Thomas) took on the role of the Acadian priest during our participatory pilgrimage with the Hierlihy founding settlers of Antigonish.

Update on Imagine Antigonish in The Casket, November 5, 2014 Emily Hiltz interviewed us in the Antigonish Heritage Museum, and how skilfully she has crafted this story from our far-ranging conversation.  We chose this banner for the photo deliberately because it represents the diversity of the Antigonish community — the Mi’kmaq, Acadians, Dutch, Chinese, Scots — and the co-op housing movement.    And look […]