StFX University and the No. 9 Stationary Hospital 1915   Story by John Boileau appeared in The Chronicle Herald, Nov. 16, 2015, p. D3.  No credits are given for the photos.   Other photos of No. 9 Stationary Hospital are available through the Antigonish Heritage Museum, and others have been restored for the Peace Banner of Imagine Antigonish Rev. Dr. Hugh P. MacPherson, […]

Dogs of War: A WWI Exhibition at Bishopsgate Institute, London, England

The Dogs of the First World War exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institute in London explores the role of dogs as both companions and workers during the years 1914-18. It features photographs from Libby Hall, who for more than 40 years collected old pictures of canines that show their unique bond with man. These messenger […]

Photographer Levi Bettwieser Develops 31 Lost Film Rolls Taken by World War II Soldier Photographer Levi Bettwieser has an unusual passion: he hunts down and develops old film rolls left inside vintage cameras or forgotten by their owners in the backs of musty drawers. He sees himself as “rescuing” the images from oblivion. “I believe if we weren’t actually searching for and finding these rolls of film, they could be […]

David Goldblatt: Photographing the Crossroads of Life and Death in South Africa

  Squatter camp on the fringe of the N1 highway, Woodstock, Cape Town, August 22, 2006 Beginning in the 1940s, South African photographer David Goldblatt documented the people and landscapes of his country in striking black and white. It was only after apartheid that he felt comfortable with color in his work. In Regarding Intersections, published this October by Steidl, Goldblatt’s photographs […]

Bryan Adams, Photographer of Injured Vets

    Bryan Adams started toying with photography back in the late ’90s while on tour and he’s become a venerable force in the field. His startling images of servicemen and servicewoman who have sustained devastating wounds were compiled into a book, Wounded: The Legacy of War, which was published last year.The images will be featured on public […]

Remembrance Day Tribute

  Judith MacLean contributed this photo as a Remembrance Day Tribute on Old Photos of Antigonish FB page.  Her father, the late Alex MacLean of Georgeville is in the centre. The photo was taken when he served with the RAF in the UK during WWII.  She goes on to say he served in Scotland and London […]

Photographic Memories of Loved Ones who Served Canada in Uniform

How about collecting photo memories of loved ones from the Antigonish area who served Canada in uniform.  Please post here if you have such photos.  Like this  WWI photo of Peter Murray Marshall, older brother of Maurice Marshall of  Paqtnkek First Nation.

The Regimental Piper in the Great War

  Over a 1000 pipers died during WWI. These extraordinary men were sitting ducks as they went over the top to pipe their men into battle. Piper Harry Lunan was the last surviving piper and he said, “I just played whatever came in to my head, but I was worried about tripping on the uneven […]