Tompkinsville plays Antigonish, April 30, 2015

  Lindsay Kyte’s magnificent play Tompkinsville came to Antigonish on April 30, 2015 and played to a receptive audience, clearly proud of our town and university’s role in Tompkinsville as part of the Antigonish Movement. An additional part of the auditorium had to be opened up.  Standing ovation! These photos of Fr. Jimmy and Tompkinsville reveal […]

Snoga on Snowshoes on the Keppoch Summit

Frig Off Get Fit hosted an Antigonish first —  Yoga on SnowshoesOur Snowga instructor Speirag Hendra, Noella Murphy with FrigOffGetFit leaders Rosemary Curry and Filmmaker Corinne Dunphy John Graham=Pole reaches the summit Dorothy Lander reaches the summit

Antigonish Hunters

This photo was posted on the Old Photos of Antigonish Town and County  website with a request for identifying these folks.

Girlfriends 1950s

GIRLFRIENDS L-R: Junior Wong, Patricia Wong, Frances MacMillan, Karin Alex Fleurin.  Photograph: Courtesy of Mary Rose Wong Mary Rose Wong provided additional details about this photo.  The Wong family lost Junior in the tragic fire of 1961.  The 5 and 10 store in the background was also known as the Green & White. Who else […]

Iconic 1953 Hockey Photo

This iconic photo showed up on Facebook as an inquiry about the circumstances.  I figured a hockey town like Antigonish might be a good source for more information.   Please share any comments or memories of this game  on this site. Here are some of the comments so far on FB:  I took this from […]

Jean Beliveau visits Antigonish 1959

    This photo from 1959 was submitted to The Casket, December 10, 2014, as a remembrance of Jean Beliveau, hockey legend and Pride of the Habs, who died December 2. 2014, age 83.   In 2013, the 60th anniversary of Hockey Night in Canada, Scott Russell wrote: My grandpa used to despise the Montreal Canadiens […]

Hallowe’en Costume Party 1899 Halifax

This 1899 photo of a Hallowee’en costume party comes from the Nova Scotia Public Archives.  Any old photos of Hallowe’en parties or “trick and treat” activities from Antigonish.  This photo looks like the train station in Halifax’s South End, but it did not exist until 1928, replacing the North Street Station, built in 1877.  Could […]

Tennis for Everyone in 1900 & the Wearing of the Middy Blouse

        This photo from the Waldren Studio Collection, Dalhousie University is a glass negative inscribed in handwriting: Mrs. C. C. Gregory 1900.   Can anyone make the connection to Mrs. C. C. Gregory?  Or anyone else in this photo? Or, is there a written or remembered history of playing tennis in Antigonish, […]