Nat King Cole sings A Bicycle Built for Two Here is Nat King Cole singing On a Bicycle Built for Two.  We would love to have a tandem bicycle for the Imagine Antigonish collection. Meanwhile, here is Hughie Chisholm on his bicycle  in the 1950s.  It looks like a state-of-the art bicycle with hand brakes rather than pedal brakes.  Was there a day […]

Imagine Hong Kong 1950s

Have a look at Chinese street photographer Han Fo’s b/w photos of Hong Kong in the 1950s.    Imagine Hong Kong!!!!  Look for some of the same conditions for community health in this bustling urban metropolis as in Imagine Antigonish, a bustling rural town and county:  Social Support Networks; Early Childhood Education & Play; Intergenerational […]

Kitchen party, Pomquet, Simon Vincent on fiddle, son Joe facing him, 1950s.

Simon Vincent on fiddle, Pomquet kitchen party, c 1950s.  Courtesy of Pomquet Héritage. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.   Simon Vincent on Fiddle,  son Joe next to him, others unidentified, Pomquet kitchen party, 1950s. Courtesy Pomquet Héritage.  Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald Email from Daniel Benoit to AmberleeBoulton, July 5, 2014: The kitchen party photo the one […]

Billy Colin MacDonald, James River, c 1928

Billy Colin MacDonald, James River, c 1928. Courtesy of Mary Lillian MacDonald, family album. In conversation with Mary Lillian MacDonald June 28, 2014. Daddy loved to fish and hunt. He put food on our table. This photo is of a deer he shot. June 30, 2014: This photo was taken of Daddy before he was […]

Celtic Hall, Main St. (present location of the Legion), c 1940s

Celtic Hall, Main St. (present location of the Legion), c 1940s. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum, Duggan album. The Celtic Hall, constructed in 1905 by the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, became the venue for such varied activities as dances, boxing matches, local plays and musicals, spinning exhibitions, graduations, political gatherings and elections. It boasted a […]

StFX hockey team, 1909

StFX hockey team, 1909. Courtesy of Dalhousie University Archives, Waldren Studios Collection, 307-022.

Standing Stone Putt, Highland Games, 1940

Terry Thompson, Standing Stone Putt, Highland Games, 1940. Photographer: Ronnie Jaques. Courtesy of National Archives e01097993   Source: Library and Archives Canada/Ronny Jaques fonds/e010979953 As identified during the 151st Highland Games,  Terry’s brother Gib Thompson is standing to his direct right.  Robby MacDonald, an Industrial Arts teacher, is second from the right.  Different possibilities for the […]

Sunbathers at Jimtown, c 1920s

Sunbathers at Jimtown, c 1920s. Courtesy of  Bart Sears, Joseph D. Chisholm Album, & Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.   Joseph D. Chisholm was a grand uncle of Bart Sears.