StFX University and the No. 9 Stationary Hospital 1915   Story by John Boileau appeared in The Chronicle Herald, Nov. 16, 2015, p. D3.  No credits are given for the photos.   Other photos of No. 9 Stationary Hospital are available through the Antigonish Heritage Museum, and others have been restored for the Peace Banner of Imagine Antigonish Rev. Dr. Hugh P. MacPherson, […]

Old Photographs as Window into Another World

  This is the letter from the letter of Hyperallergenic blog for April 15, 2015.   A certain sadness about photographs that are stripped of their stories. Yesterday, as I was walking through the crooked streets of Beyoğlu in Istanbul, I came across a beaten up suitcase filled with old photographs being sold for 50 kuruş […]

Commemorate the Battle of Culloden Saturday April 18, 2015 Commemorating the Battle of Culloden feature in the top things to do in Nova Scotia this weekend.  Antigonish Scots feature in this photo:   Peter MacKenzie gave a rousing and inspired address about the Battle of Culloden and the challenges Scottish settlers faced when they arrived in Nova Scotia. (MICHAEL GORMAN / File) Scots […]

Photographs of Strong Women

  What do photographs of women, taken by women, look like? In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8,  seven female National Geographic photographers shared an image they took that revealed a woman’s experience. In a world where gender equality is still elusive, these photographs tell stories of hope, bravery, hardship, and survival.   Philomene, […]

Street Photography by Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy

“Good art doesn’t follow dots or lines, otherwise we would still be drawing like we did in kindergarten with paint-by-number books,” writes photojournalist Benjamin Lowy, editor of the most recently published Your Shot story. “Art—and for this class specifically, street photography—is about expressing yourself and asking questions through image-making about the world around you. Some […]

Dogs of War: A WWI Exhibition at Bishopsgate Institute, London, England

The Dogs of the First World War exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institute in London explores the role of dogs as both companions and workers during the years 1914-18. It features photographs from Libby Hall, who for more than 40 years collected old pictures of canines that show their unique bond with man. These messenger […]

Moonlight Restaurant, Main Street

Moonlight Restaurant, early days. Photo Courtesy of Robert Cedric Brown on Old Photos of Antigonish Town and County Can anyone confirm that this is Pearl MacPherson, the long time waitress at the Moonlight Restaurant —  and the epitome of great service?

Bethlem Museum of the Mind Opens in London

Artist Richard Dadd, a patient at Bethlem (courtesy Bethlem Gallery and Museum) The name Bedlam is so evocative of chaos and madness, the real history of one of the world’s oldest institutions for the treatment of mental illness often gets detached from its public presence. Bethlem Royal Hospital, which still operates as part of South London […]

Photographer Levi Bettwieser Develops 31 Lost Film Rolls Taken by World War II Soldier Photographer Levi Bettwieser has an unusual passion: he hunts down and develops old film rolls left inside vintage cameras or forgotten by their owners in the backs of musty drawers. He sees himself as “rescuing” the images from oblivion. “I believe if we weren’t actually searching for and finding these rolls of film, they could be […]