Photographer Christian Berthelot captures the Raw Images of Birth

“Far from the clichés and platitudes, I wanted to show us, as we are when we are born,” photographer Christian Berthelot explains in his artist statement. Far from the pristine images of rosy-cheeked babies we’re often used to digesting, Berthelot’s raw photographs capture babies as almost alien creatures — naked, screaming and drenched in bodily juices.   […]

Krappy Camera Photos Kristin Karch, “Judith in my Apartment,” first prize (all images courtesy Soho Photo) Soho Photo has been celebrating inexpensive cameras for the past 17 years through its annual International Krappy Kamera Competition.  Here is my krappy kamera photo from a Hallowe’en Party in the Church Basement (Plainville, Ontario)  circa 1964.  It would not win any prizes, but I am […]

Colourizing History Do you think that these colourized photos of historical events and people are an improvement on the original black and white? How about this one of Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller meeting in 1918.   I would like to see the original.

John MacIntyre 1826 – 1916

This photo was contributed to the Old Photos of Antigonish blog with this annotation from Daniel Matta: This is my great great great great grandfather, John Macintyre(3/15/1826-1916). He came to Antigonish with his parents John Macintyre and Marion Mary Sarah McPhee came to Antigonish from Scotland. They came in the early 1800s. John married Flora […]

Lou Bopp’s Photos of the Last Remaining Old School Mississippi Blues Musicians Since 2008, photographer Lou Bopp has been capturing the now elderly men who constitute the Mississippi Delta Blues musicians of a previous era. With calloused hands, worn faces and twinkling eyes, the blues artists are living remnants of a bygone time, one of juke joints and fiery soul. James “Super Chikan” Johnson, bluesman, in his guitar […]

Martin Chambi: The Trailblazing Peruvian Photographer Who Captured a Vanishing World

Martín Chambi, “Organist in the Capela de Tinta, Sicuani” (1935) Martin Chambi is most famous for his expressive, painterly portrayals of Peru’s diverse society, some of which are currently on view at São Paulo’s Instituto Moreira Salles in Face Andina – Fotografias de Martín Chambi. The exhibition builds on the museum’s recent acquisition of 88 of Chambi’s images and spans the breadth of […]

David Goldblatt: Photographing the Crossroads of Life and Death in South Africa

  Squatter camp on the fringe of the N1 highway, Woodstock, Cape Town, August 22, 2006 Beginning in the 1940s, South African photographer David Goldblatt documented the people and landscapes of his country in striking black and white. It was only after apartheid that he felt comfortable with color in his work. In Regarding Intersections, published this October by Steidl, Goldblatt’s photographs […]

Nova Scotia Archives, Film Footage 1899 onwards

The Eastern Eye: Nova Scotia Filmography 1899-1973 The Nova Scotia Archives holds film clips of Nova Scotia scenes and events.  A search generated the following for Antigonish: Antigonish [1930s] 35 mm, b&w Nova Scotia Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 35 mm, colour, sound, [00:10:00] St. Francis Xavier University convocation Associated Screen News 1946 35 mm, […]