Bizarre Historical Photos This link to 24 bizarre historical photos led me to ask if the Imagine Antigonish collection has a photo that would be eligible.    My suggestion is this one circa 1910, which you can find in the Photo Gallery labelled Gender.  What IS going on here?  Is the man on the right holding a […]

The Downside of Photography Exhibit Going Viral

  Kristine Potter’s military photos (West Point) generated so much negative comment targeted at the military that she removed them from social media.   Another reminder of the emotional power of black and white photography.

The Photographer “In” the Photograph

First Ever Photographs from Hoaxes to Amputation to Chess-Playing     Daguerreotype of the Barricade in the Rue Saint Maur-Popincourt on June 26, 1848 (via Musée d’Orsay)   In 1848, the first photograph to be used to illustrate a news story was made. This photograph of the 1848 revolution in Paris, a four-day insurrection in June that left thousands dead in the streets of […]

Lochaber Lake 1916

  Lochaber Lake, 1916, Notman Studios, Courtesy of Nova Scotia Public Archives   

The Death of Conversation in Black and White Photographs of Smart Phones

London-based photographer Babycakes Romero captures the Death of Conversation due to Smart Phones.  The starkness of the black and white photographs gives added impact to these exemplars of short attention span and  the “dining dead” on a (romantic?) date.

Bryan Adams, Photographer of Injured Vets

    Bryan Adams started toying with photography back in the late ’90s while on tour and he’s become a venerable force in the field. His startling images of servicemen and servicewoman who have sustained devastating wounds were compiled into a book, Wounded: The Legacy of War, which was published last year.The images will be featured on public […]

Photographic Memories of Loved Ones who Served Canada in Uniform

How about collecting photo memories of loved ones from the Antigonish area who served Canada in uniform.  Please post here if you have such photos.  Like this  WWI photo of Peter Murray Marshall, older brother of Maurice Marshall of  Paqtnkek First Nation.

London-based Photographer Sandi Ford showcases stunning maternity photos. London-based photographer Sandi Ford showcases the “sensual, sexy, attractive, and elegant” side of pregnant women through stunning maternity photos.   For me, the black and white photos are the most striking and evocative.

1866 Headstone uncovered at Tenbrinke home in St. Andrews   This CTV story with Dan MacIntosh unfolds the story of the 1866 headstone of Catherine Livingstone, found buried at doorstep of the 150-year old home of Mary and Jerry Tenbrinke in St. Andrews. Catherine MacGillivray, an amateur researcher with the Antigonish Heritage Museum, says a major clue in solving the mystery of the headstone […]