Imagine Antigonish Banners at the 2016 Highland Games

Once again the photographic history of Antigonish will be featured at the Highland Games.  Visit the Arts Culture Alive tent on Sunday, Sept. 10th — all 14 banners will be on display.  Here are two of the banners from the 2014 tent, with volunteer historian Paula Paul and her family — Melissa, Ardena, and Dustin

Commemorate the Battle of Culloden Saturday April 18, 2015 Commemorating the Battle of Culloden feature in the top things to do in Nova Scotia this weekend.  Antigonish Scots feature in this photo:   Peter MacKenzie gave a rousing and inspired address about the Battle of Culloden and the challenges Scottish settlers faced when they arrived in Nova Scotia. (MICHAEL GORMAN / File) Scots […]

Street Photography by Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy

“Good art doesn’t follow dots or lines, otherwise we would still be drawing like we did in kindergarten with paint-by-number books,” writes photojournalist Benjamin Lowy, editor of the most recently published Your Shot story. “Art—and for this class specifically, street photography—is about expressing yourself and asking questions through image-making about the world around you. Some […]

Detroit in the Depression Years Through the Eyes of Frido Kahlo and Diego Rivera

  Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit will be on view at the Detroit Institute of Arts (5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit) March 15–July 12. The catalogue is published by Yale University Press. The period between April 1932 and March 1933, when artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo sojourned in Detroit, was a desperate time […]

Canadian photographic artist Geneviève Cadieux Exhibition at Mount St. Vincent Art Gallery 21 March to 17 May 2015 Here you may see the best portrait that, later, I was able to make of him. Passages to Abstraction. Geneviève Cadieux Geneviève Cadieux, Ravissement 1985 (detail) black and white stereoscopic photograph (© Geneviève Cadieux) 21 Mar 2015 – 17 May 2015 Organized and circulated by the Musée d’art de Joliette with financial support from […]

Bethlem Museum of the Mind Opens in London

Artist Richard Dadd, a patient at Bethlem (courtesy Bethlem Gallery and Museum) The name Bedlam is so evocative of chaos and madness, the real history of one of the world’s oldest institutions for the treatment of mental illness often gets detached from its public presence. Bethlem Royal Hospital, which still operates as part of South London […]

Lou Bopp’s Photos of the Last Remaining Old School Mississippi Blues Musicians Since 2008, photographer Lou Bopp has been capturing the now elderly men who constitute the Mississippi Delta Blues musicians of a previous era. With calloused hands, worn faces and twinkling eyes, the blues artists are living remnants of a bygone time, one of juke joints and fiery soul. James “Super Chikan” Johnson, bluesman, in his guitar […]

Don Harron dead age 90 For those of us who grew up with Anne of Green Gables and then Charlie Farquharson on Hee Haw, can anyone doubt that this icon of Canadian culture was good for our health?   Charlie Farquharson, a fictitious folksy story teller from Parry Sound, Ont. who poked fun at almost anything Canadian, became a cult classic […]