Photographer Levi Bettwieser Develops 31 Lost Film Rolls Taken by World War II Soldier Photographer Levi Bettwieser has an unusual passion: he hunts down and develops old film rolls left inside vintage cameras or forgotten by their owners in the backs of musty drawers. He sees himself as “rescuing” the images from oblivion. “I believe if we weren’t actually searching for and finding these rolls of film, they could be […]

St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, Arisaig, 1928 St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, Arisaig, 1928, after the fire burned the steeple. It was rebuilt the same year.  Photograph Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Musuem

Krappy Camera Photos Kristin Karch, “Judith in my Apartment,” first prize (all images courtesy Soho Photo) Soho Photo has been celebrating inexpensive cameras for the past 17 years through its annual International Krappy Kamera Competition.  Here is my krappy kamera photo from a Hallowe’en Party in the Church Basement (Plainville, Ontario)  circa 1964.  It would not win any prizes, but I am […]

A Different Perspective on Monrovia and Liberia   The media images of Liberia tend to focus on child soldiers, the spread of Ebola, and the murderous dictator Charles Taylor.  This site presents GIF images of everyday life and resilience in Monrovia     “Wesseh Freeman is a blind musician from Monrovia making his living singing in Duala market. He learned music […]

Martin Chambi: The Trailblazing Peruvian Photographer Who Captured a Vanishing World

Martín Chambi, “Organist in the Capela de Tinta, Sicuani” (1935) Martin Chambi is most famous for his expressive, painterly portrayals of Peru’s diverse society, some of which are currently on view at São Paulo’s Instituto Moreira Salles in Face Andina – Fotografias de Martín Chambi. The exhibition builds on the museum’s recent acquisition of 88 of Chambi’s images and spans the breadth of […]

The Book of Negroes makes TV debut Wednesday, January 7, 2015 on CBC TV The miniseries The Book of Negroes, based on the acclaimed novel by Lawrence Hill, and filmed in Nova Scotia, traces the journey of Aminata Diallo, who is taken by slave traders from West Africa to the U.S., her life through the American Revolution, escape to Canada (Nova Scotia near Shelbourne) and her ultimate freedom in […]

Wong Family Christmas, 1950s

WONG FAMILY CHRISTMAS, 1950s Photograph: Courtesy of Mary Rose Wong Who is the little girl in the sailor suit?  Does anyone remember wearing a sailor suit dress?  And how about black patent shoes with straps?  Or how about the old-fashioned Christmas tree lights? They would be banned today, as energy inefficient.  And have you noticed […]

Girlfriends 1950s

GIRLFRIENDS L-R: Junior Wong, Patricia Wong, Frances MacMillan, Karin Alex Fleurin.  Photograph: Courtesy of Mary Rose Wong Mary Rose Wong provided additional details about this photo.  The Wong family lost Junior in the tragic fire of 1961.  The 5 and 10 store in the background was also known as the Green & White. Who else […]