Choir at Crucifix, St. Mary’s Church, Maryvale

Choir at Crucifix, St. Mary’s Church, Maryvale, c 1915. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Joe Fraser.

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  1. Just chanced on an article in the Casket, June 27, 1989, in which Gus MacKinnon of CJFX and Maryvale tells the history of the cross at the top of the hill. The Very Rev. Ronald MacDonald, who was born in maryvale, and eventually became a Bishop of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, came home to die in his old home, when he became ill. In his will he left all his worldly goods, all four hundred dollars, for a cross to be erected in front of St. Mary’s. Bishop MacDonald dies in 1912 at the age of 77, and true to his Scottish heritage, part of the inscription on his gravestone is in Gaelic.
    I have heard from today’s parishioners of St. Mary’s of the “miracle” that the cross on top of the hill was spared in the fire of April, 2011 that destroyed the church.

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