Come From Away on Land and Sea, CBC, January 4, 2015



This first episode of CBC’s Land and Sea, broadcast on January 4, 2015 and entitled Come From Away, is tagged as “Sometimes it takes a ‘come from away’ to breathe new life into struggling rural communities.”

The Maritime communities this episode focuses on include: Little Sand, Prince Edward Island (PEI); Inverness, Cape Breton; and Guysborough Town.

This is an exemplary documentary of income security as a social determinant of health.   Watch also for exemplars of Environmental Sustainability, and Infrastructure.

What has your experience been of CFAs in Antigonish breathing new life into our rural community?  As a CFA myself, I have not noticed the wariness toward CFAs in the Antigonish community.  Could this be because so many CFAs are central to two of Antigonish’s main institutions — the university and the hospital?

Come From Away

Sometimes it takes a “come from away” to breathe new life into struggling rural communities.

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