Copeland Druggist, Main Street, circa 1910

Copeland Druggist, Main Street, circa 1910. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum, Cunningham Album. Restoration: Wayne Ezekiel

B10 - Copeland Druggist, Main Street, circa 1910

John David Copeland from Merigomish was the first proprieter of Copeland Druggist, located in the present-day Down to Earth Framing store. Bessie Cunningham Copeland, who married Norman Kerr Cunningham, is thought to be the source of these photos in the Cunningham album. Bessie and Norman lived on Church Street Extension.

The Cunningham album came to the Antigonish Heritage Association when the Bessie Cunningham Copeland’s house was sold – “boxes of boxes of abandoned stuff,” says Jocelyn Gillis, Curator, Antigonish Heritage Museum.

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