Crystal Cliffs, c 1940

Crystal Cliffs, c 1940, Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Joe Fraser.

B14 - Crystal Cliffs,  c 1940

Jocelyn Gillis, Curator, Antigonish Heritage Museum in conversation with Emily Sweet and Margie Jennings, September 22 , 1993:

Emily Sweet and Margaret Sweet Jennings remembered the many well known personalities who visited the “Guest House” which was operated by Margie’s mother.   Clark Gable and Carol Lombard were visiting Nova Scotia on their honeymoon and were looking for a little peace and quiet. They were directed here from the Pictou Lodge, which was operated by a gentleman who ran Foster’s Drug Store at one time. The famous couple were being recognized by many of the locals in Pictou, yet wished to remain in the area.

Margaret Jennings recalled how surprised and dismayed she was to see that Carol Lombard, a famous moviestar, had a “run in her stocking!”

British politician Ramsey MacDonald spent a few days at Crystal Farm while working at the StFX Extension Department. [see Family Herald August 1, 1934 “Nova Scotia Charms British Premier” ] During his visit, he was accompanied by his daughter Isabel who attended a local square dance, and while dancing she tripped and fell. Many were shocked to discover she wore no underpants.

During the second World War, Crystal Farm was the “place to be” on Wednesday nights. Dances were held in the barn and some of the musicians who performed included Don Messer, Gib Whitney, bandleader from Glace Bay, as well as many local fiddlers.

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