First Steps. Arthur Venedam, Pomquet, c 1949

Banner 3 - Fal  Arthur Venedam c 1949 COmpressed

First Steps. Arthur Venedam, Pomquet, c 1949. Courtesy of Arthur Venedam, Family Album.


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  1. Another photo that was restored late in the game. A chance to compare BEFORE and AFTER and the skilled work of Anne Louise MacDonald.

    Also this commentary:

    Dorothy Lander in conversation with Arthur Venedam, June 30, 2014:

    Who is watching you from the door?

    My Grandma [Mary Jane] Venedam. Four generations lived in that house. My Grandma Venedam looked after her father-in-law, my great grandfather [Peter Venedam]. I don’t remember it being crowded. We had a large kitchen.

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