Freshet, 1906, St. Mary’s Street, Antigonish

Freshet, 1906, St. Mary’s Street, Antigonish. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Jeff Parker.

B14 - Freshet, 1906, St. Mary’s Street, Antigonish

Excerpted from Stanley-Blackwell and MacLean, 2004, p. 237:

The December 1906 freshet was particularly destructive. The combination of warm temepratures, melting snow, and torrential rains left the low-lying areas of Antigonish submerged. Some residents reported two fee of water in their houses. Fences, outhouses, and other structures were swept away by rushing floodwaters and several streets were jammed with ice cakes piled as high as four feet. Local men worked all day dismantling an ice jam on Main Street. Some distance up the West River, the Sherbrooke mail was transferred to a boat and transported to town. All travel via the South River Road [now West Street] into town was also halted.

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