Girlfriends 1950s

Wong Junior sister Pat macMillan Alex purses


L-R: Junior Wong, Patricia Wong, Frances MacMillan, Karin Alex Fleurin.  Photograph: Courtesy of Mary Rose Wong

Mary Rose Wong provided additional details about this photo.  The Wong family lost Junior in the tragic fire of 1961.  The 5 and 10 store in the background was also known as the Green & White.

Who else remembers proudly wearing a purse with a shoulder strap.  And how about hose white socks.  Is Frances wearing saddle shoes?  Any other memories that this photo evokes?

This photo generated a lot of comment on Old Photos of Antigonish, and supporting photos from Karin Alex Fleurin, which I will add here.  What a lot of interest your one photo generated, Mary Rose Wong!!

Lynda MacLellan I remember the saddle oxfords, but I think that Karin is wearing “T-stap” shoes. I recall those also! It is refreshing to see little girls wearing dresses!

  • Peggy Chisholm I believe the 5 and 10 in the picture is the old Green & White which was where Marie’s Flowers is now. The bars could be on the old Alteen’s Jewellers or Buckleys? Cameras.
  • Barb Robertson Huggan i think the 5 & 10 sign is the Green and white store and that Sydney street is right behind the girls and ??? to their left

  • Barb Robertson Huggan the building you see across the street down from the United church ,,,I think was macMillans candy store ??
    Maureen Coyne I think Veronica MacMillan owned the candy store. She was very nice. The Green and White was owned by Nin and Mary MacDonald. Their children are Michael, Ninette, Bonnie, and RJ. (My cousins.
  •  Cordis MacDonald Barb is correct.

Wong Patsy Junior c Karin Alex Fleurin c 1954

L-R: Pat Wong, Karin Alex Fleurin, Junior Wong, 1954.  Photograph Courtesy of Karin Alex Fleuren

Silver and Roberts apts upstairs

 Silver  &  Roberts Furniture Store, Main Street.  Apartment where family of Karin Alex Fleurin lived marked with an X.  Photograph Courtesy of Karin Alex Fleuring

Karin Alex Fleuren I am in that photo with Frances MacMillan and Patsy Wong. Junior Wong is leaning against the wall, the building is adjacent to Wong’s Restaurant. It belonged to “Silver and Roberts” , with Furniture downstairs and two apartments upstairs. A covered stairway connected the two buildings. We lived in one of the upstairs apartments, ca 1954ish.

Peggy Chisholm Is it possible that they’re not bars on the window but a child’s playpen inside the store?

Karin Alex Fleuren Actually, Peggy, you are right. Yes. it is an old-fashioned child’s playpen with those wooden rails. (There were a lot of new babies born in those baby-boom years!) They rotated the displays, and at some point, I remember stopping at that window to watch the new televisions that were featured in the window – but I think that could have come after we moved elsewhere in town and simply stopped by to look. I remember looking through that window at the early b/w shows with a lot of snowy, grainy interference, and I believe that Simpson-Sears could have been in there around that time. Beside remembering Pistone’s and also Goodman’s (with that fascinating change-making trolley that carted your money upstairs and then the change back down again), there was also the Somers Bldg across the street, and I will post a photo of me with that in the background. I am facing our apartment beside Wong’s Restaurant.

Karin Alex Fleurin in front of Somers Building


Karin Alex Fleurin, facing Wong’s Cafe, Main Street. Photograph Courtesy of Karin Alex Fleurin

  • Karin Alex Fleuren Oh, and now memory lane is kicking in again -in the winter, we used to make snow forts along the streets, including Main Street. When I was a kid they did not remove he snow banks like they do now. Until they eventually did that, kids could build the snow forts along the streets, including Main Street. When I was a kid they did not remove he snow banks like they do now. Until they eventually did that, kids could build their snow forts alongside the traffic, LOL -think about that ! Up the street, I use to drive my tricycle (summer memory) and recall Alteen’s Jewelers. Does anyone remember that???
  • Barb Robertson Huggan hOW QUICKLY WE FORGET AND amazing how one picture can bring up so many great memories
  • Maureen Coyne I remember all of those places and the huge snow banks. My Dad was the manager of Simpsons Sears and I know there were televisions there in 1955/56. We got our first TV in 1956. It had as much snow as those snow banks!
  • Karin Alex Fleuren Yes!!! Good memory …and great memories to have
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  1. really enjoyed these photos. i was around the sae age when i used to come to antigonish and reember some of the stores. i did wear saddle shoes , also the little shoes with the straps for good when i was younger. and then the white bucks which were the creme de la creme in the lat 50’s. then there were pixie boots, desser boots, etc. the wono’s were so mjch part of antigonish. my friend elwin reembers much more about the people and place because he was born here and lived on st ary’s just behind main. thanks for all of you who contribute to this site. thank you dorothy lander and dr. graham poole for thier dedication.

  2. Cordis MacDonald commented on the Old Photos site:

    An earlier photo on here showed Mary rose wong with Francis MacMillan. Francis was Jackie MacMillan’s sister. He used to work at the Casket office and was noted for his piano playing. He now lives on upper hawthorne St in town. The MacMillan family lived in an up-stairs apartment on the south side of Main St.. I think it was where the new (in 1960’s) building was that accommodated the Metropolitan Store.

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