Jean Beliveau visits Antigonish 1959



This photo from 1959 was submitted to The Casket, December 10, 2014, as a remembrance of Jean Beliveau, hockey legend and Pride of the Habs, who died December 2. 2014, age 83.   In 2013, the 60th anniversary of Hockey Night in Canada, Scott Russell wrote:

My grandpa used to despise the Montreal Canadiens and called their captain “John” Beliveau. He truly believed that play-by-play man

Danny Gallivan was secretly a spy for the Habs because he got so much more excited when they scored and sounded muted when his

beloved Detroit Red Wings put the puck in the net.

These two icons of hockey, one on the ice, one at the microphone, have an Antigonish connection through the Gallivan family, and Scott Russell’s memories of Hockey Night in Canada invariably places them together:

Two of the first people I met on my initial visit to the Forum were Jean Beliveau and Danny Gallivan. It struck me how gracious they were,

not sinister at all. … They were the essence of grace and gentlemanly conduct. [They] quickly captured a lifelong Leaf fan’s heart and made room

for the Canadiens at the centre of my affections.

Beliveau cropped JPG

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