John MacIntyre 1826 – 1916

John MacIntyre 1826 to 1916 Credit g g g g grandson Daniel Matta

This photo was contributed to the Old Photos of Antigonish blog with this annotation from Daniel Matta:

This is my great great great great grandfather, John Macintyre(3/15/1826-1916). He came to Antigonish with his parents John Macintyre and Marion Mary Sarah McPhee came to Antigonish from Scotland. They came in the early 1800s. John married Flora Mills. They had 5 children including John, my great great grandfather . John married Zephina MacDonald and they had 6 children including my great grandfather, Angus. My family has a lot of history in Antigonish. My great grandfather moved to Boston, MA and started a family. I’ve never been to Antigonish but I hope to visit someday.

Peggy Thompson offered this resource to Daniel, which may be of interest on this site as well:Check out this older history book of Antigonish genealogies. There are some errors in the book – so you will have to confirm the genealogies¬†…

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