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Krappy Camera 1st prize Karch-Kristin-Judith-in-my-Apartment-First-Prize

Kristin Karch, “Judith in my Apartment,” first prize (all images courtesy Soho Photo)

Soho Photo has been celebrating inexpensive cameras for the past 17 years through its annual International Krappy Kamera Competition

Here is my krappy kamera photo from a Hallowe’en Party in the Church Basement (Plainville, Ontario)  circa 1964.  It would not win any prizes, but I am rather taken with the effect of my costume — I was Miss Witch 1964, complete with a hula hoop, and the effect of the double exposure is that I seem to have both a pirate and a smoking gent firmly in my grasp.   The photo was supposed to be of just me and my best friend Brenda — we are both smiling broadly.Halloween double exp 1963 copy

Do you have any Krappy Kamera photos, including Double Exposures.  If so, do share them here.

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