Main Street, Highland Games 1940

Highland Games Main St 1940s

Main Street, Highland Games, 1940. Photographer: Ronnie Jaques.  Courtesy of  Library and Archives of Canada

Stephen and Lloyd Jewkes and the 5 cent to $1 Store have been among AHA!’s strongest supporters of Imagine Antigonish.  They have underwritten the costs of scanning and printing hundreds of  heritage photos, in preparation for restoration.  And they have taken a personal interest in the project. Early on in the process, Stephen took my queries about the former occupants of Main Street to his mother, Sheila Jewkes, during what I understand were his regular lunches with his mother.  This is the annotated detail she provided on the Ronnie Jaques photo.
Sheila Jewkes main street 1940 note given by Stephen_Page_2Sheila Jewkes main street 1940 note given by Stephen_Page_1

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    Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) and the Imagine Antigonish team express our condolences to the Jewkes family on the death of their beloved mother and grandmother on Saturday August 9, 2014.

    The Jewkes family have been tremendous supporters of the Imagine Antigonish project and this extends to Sheila. Just a few short months ago, she offered us her memories of the previous occupants of the establishments on Main Street, annotating the 1940 Ronnie Jaques photo. This is a woman who lived her 90 years of life fully.

    Given the healing power of black and white photography, which Imagine Antigonish projects, it seems right that obituary photos are in b/w, giving full range to the faces of our loved ones.

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