Mary, Rita, Betty and Florence, c 1920s

Written on photo: Mary, Rita [Vincent], Betty and Florence (Mary & Florence are Benoit sisters), c 1920s. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage.

B5 - Mary, Rita, Betty and  Florence, c 1920s

The other photo of Mary, Rita, Betty & Florence is circa late 1940’s Mary & Florence are sisters, daughters of Andrew Benoit & Flora Cross and Rita is the daughter of Simon Alfred Vincent & Effie Cross. Effie Cross & Flora Cross are sisters.

Betty (short for Elizabeth) is the daughter of Alexandre Raymond Landry & Marie Madeleine Vincent, Marie Madeleine Vincent is a sister to Simon Alfred Vincent.

Effie Cross b. July 13, 1892 d. April 5, 1937

Mary Benoit b. March 10, 1914 d. September 10, 2014

Rita Vincent b. October 14, 1922 d. November 8, 2008

Elizabeth Landry b. January 29, 1915 d. ?



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