Mi’kmaq family, Brown’s Mountain, 1909

Mi’kmaq family, Brown’s Mountain, 1909. L-R: Visitor, Theresa (age 3), Andrew (age 9), Maurice (age 7), Visitor, Mary Agnes (age 1), Bridget Marshall (mother). Courtesy of John R. Prosper, Paqtnkek. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald

B6 - Mi’kmaq family, Brown’s Mountain, 1909

Paula Paul advises that this photo was posted on the wall of the Band office for many years.

The baby, Mary Agnes Prosper is mother of John R. Prosper, who shared this photo from his family album. John R.’s mother died when he was 4 years old.

Paula Paul told us that this photo is special, as it is one of the few photos that shows the Mi’kmaq living on the land, not on a reservation. It was her choice to include in the Imagine Antigonish Postcard series featuring children from the diverse cultural communities that make up Antigonish.

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