Nat King Cole sings A Bicycle Built for Two

Here is Nat King Cole singing On a Bicycle Built for Two.  We would love to have a tandem bicycle for the Imagine Antigonish collection.

Meanwhile, here is Hughie Chisholm on his bicycle  in the 1950s.  It looks like a state-of-the art bicycle with hand brakes rather than pedal brakes.  Was there a day when there were more bicycles than cars on Main Street? Can anyone identify the make of bicycle?  This photo would be worth restoring, if only to get a fix on the exact location, by sharpening the background of homes and Cathedral.   The Whidden store is a strong clue.  Any other clues would be very welcome.




Hughie Chisholm 1950s Main st

Hughie Chisholm, Main Street,  1950s. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum


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  1. This is my grandfather. This picture is taken right in front of where the Post office is now on Main street. You can see St. Ninian Street / Church in the background.

  2. Martina Hatchette responded to this photo on Old Photos of Antigonish FB.

    ” I remember skating on the outdoor rink located behind Albert Whiddens the mid 40’s..this pic shows the exact location of the old rink.”

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