Nova Scotia Paving Project: Photographic Archive of Reconstruction in the 1930s

CBC Radio Halifax, Mainstreet, September 17, 2014. An interview with the Nova Scotia Public Archives on their newly acquire photographic record of highway reconstruction in Nova Scotia from 1934 to 1938.  The James River Paving Plant and the James River to Heatherton Route, Highway # 4, 1936 are included in the album.  As yet, this interview has not been streamed. Until this major paving program in the 1930s, only 25 miles of paved roads existed in Nova Scotia.


James River Heatherton Route 4 paving 1936 James River to Heatherton Route Paving 1936


James River Paving plant

From 1934 to 1938, the Nova Scotia Department of Highways undertook a major highway reconstruction project known as the Paving Programme. A photographic record was compiled as work was carried out around the province, and to mark completion of the project, three large presentation albums of black-and-white photographs, 1936-38, were presented to the department’s Chief Engineer, R.W. McColough. Now, nearly eighty years later, those albums have been digitized and are displayed here for Internet visitors to explore.

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