Parts Department, Eastern Auto, 1960s

L-R: Ronnie Dunn, Sam Gero and Tommy Thompson, Parts Department, Eastern Auto, 1960s. Courtesy of Sandra Gero. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald

B12 - Parts Department, Eastern Auto, 1960s

Sandra Gero shared some details of her father’s early days in Antigonish:

D. G. (Daniel George) MacIsaac recruited Sam Gero from Amherst to play for the Antigonish Bulldogs, the baseball team, not the hockey team. He boarded for a short time in the MacIsaac family home on Victoria Street, and then moved into the bungalow next door with Huntley and Margie MacIsaac, staying there until he married Mary Ann Phee. D. G. MacIsaac also helped him get his first job.   Was that first job at Eastern Auto?

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