Paul Morrell, Pomquet, 1920s

Paul Morrell, Pomquet, 1920s. Back of photo reads “mari de Mathilde (Benoit); n’a pas eud’enfants.” Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Betty Cameron

B6 - Paul Morrell, Pomquet, 1920s

Pomquet was first settled by three men named Duon, Dorion, and Vincent. Old papers dating from 1916 spell the name “Pomquette.”

Dr. Rand gives the Mi’kmaq name as “Pogumkek,” meaning “raining along” and from this the present name has been formed. A place near here was known to the Natives as “Pogimikooigitk” meaning “flowing over dry sand.”

Source: Thomas J. Brown (1922), Nova Scotia Place Names.

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