Remembering Evelyn Mary Bayne and the old Clydesdale Schoolhouse

Evelyn Mary Bayne 1928-2014

Our condolences to the family and friends of Evelyn Mary Bayne.  As a tribute to her love of life and family, we post an image of the old Clydesdale Schoolhouse, which played such an important part in her life:


At a dance in the old Clydesdale schoolhouse, Evelyn met the love of her life, James Forrest Bayne. They married on July 5, 1945.

Evelyn and Jim shared a very devoted and loving relationship which extended to their five children.

Clydesdale School AHM98_121

Photo Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum

What other tales could this schoolhouse tell?   Where was this schoolhouse located? Who were some of the teachers here?  When did it operate? We know two of the students here — Evelyn Mary Campbell and James Forrest Bayne?   Any other classmates who remember their schooldays here?

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