StFX Stationary Hospital Unit, No. 9, 1916

StFX Stationary Hospital Unit, No. 9, 1916. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Jeff Parker

B10 - StFX Stationary Hospital Unit, No. 9, 1916

StFX’s primary contribution to the war effort in 1916 was the recruiting and training of the Canadian Stationary Hospital Unity, No. 9, financed by the Canadian government. StFX supplied the personnel — 12 doctors, 30 nurses, 150 men. Graduation came early so seniors could receive their degrees before embarking on training in March. By late July, No. 9 was in England under the command of Col. R. C. MacLeod, who became the first casualty of the unit, dying of anthrax in England. The unit went to France on December 1, 1917, and served at St. Omer, Etaples, and a general hospital at Camiens. It was the last hospital to received patients in France and the second last to leave for England. Unit No. 9 arrived home on board the OLYMPIC on July 8, 1919. (see Pat Walsh, 1989, The History of Antigonish, p. 178)

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