StFX University and the No. 9 Stationary Hospital 1915


No. 9 Stationary Hospital personnel StFX in Herald Nov 16 2015

Story by John Boileau appeared in The Chronicle Herald, Nov. 16, 2015, p. D3.  No credits are given for the photos.   Other photos of No. 9 Stationary Hospital are available through the Antigonish Heritage Museum, and others have been restored for the Peace Banner of Imagine Antigonish

Rev. Dr. Hugh P. MacPherson, President of StFX in 1915 offered this medical unit to the government in the fall of 1915.  No. 9 was mobilized at Halifax and sailed to Britain in June of 1916: 26 nursing sisters and 118 men.  About 60 of the total were StFX graduates.

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