Sun soaked Games a success on the field (Excerpt)

Published in The Casket,  July 17, 2014 Richard MacKenzie, (Excerpt)

New to this year’s Games was a tent set-up by Art Health Antigonish [AHA] which displayed their vintage photo project.

“We have Highland Games photos but we have everything,” Dorothy Lander, project leader along with John Graham-Pole, said. “I think our earliest photo is 1883, the curling club from the 1880s is featured here. We have the first photo of Antigonish that appeared in the Casket. There were others, stock photos for advertising, but of Antigonish itself, was 1902 and it’s the old St. Ninian Cathedral on Main.

Lander noted 80 per cent of the photos came from the Antigonish Heritage Museum and many others from her “toting family albums to the 5 Cents to 1$ Store … our biggest supporters.” “They’ve done all the scanning … you have to scan it at high resolution so they can be restored. They’ve been wonderful supporters.”

She noted family album contributions helped to capture African Nova Scotia heritage in the area as well as Acadian heritage and that to sum up the feedback received by the tent visitors, “delight, I would say would be the word.” “People are finding their relatives,” she said. “It’s a really interesting thing, just people coming in and identifying [people in the pictures] and all the stories that are coming out just from a picture.”

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