Mi’kmaq family, Brown’s Mountain, 1909

Mi’kmaq family, Brown’s Mountain, 1909. L-R: Visitor, Theresa (age 3), Andrew (age 9), Maurice (age 7), Visitor, Mary Agnes (age 1), Bridget Marshall (mother). Courtesy of John R. Prosper, Paqtnkek. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald Paula Paul advises that this photo was posted on the wall of the Band office for many years. The baby, Mary […]

StFX Drafting Class, 1909

StFX Drafting Class, 1909. Photographer: Fred Piper, drafting instructor. Courtesy of StFX University Archives

StFX hockey team, 1909

StFX hockey team, 1909. Courtesy of Dalhousie University Archives, Waldren Studios Collection, 307-022.

Chimney Sweeps, Aquinas House, StFX, 1909

Chimney Sweeps, Aquinas House, StFX, 1909. Photographer: Fred Piper, Drafting Instructor at StFX. Courtesy of StFX Archives. Restoration: Jeff Parker This photo is part of the Fred Piper collection, which became part of the StFX Archives in 2007. Fred Piper’s son Bill wrote to say: My father was an instructor at the Antigonish College in […]