St. Martha’s Hospital, Operating Room, 1930s

St. Martha’s Hospital, Operating Room, 1930s, L-R: Dr. J. L. MacIsaac, Sr. Delorosa (giving anaesthetic), Dr. Philip Neri, Dr. W. F. MacKinnon, two nurses unidentified. Restoration: Jeff Parker Perhaps a photo staged for instruction purposes, rather than an operation in progress?

George & Molly Wong, 1930s

George & Molly Wong, 1930s. Courtesy of Waldren Studios Collection, Dalhousie University Archives. Restoration: Joe Fraser.

Nora Bateson’s Bookmobile for the PEI Library Demonstration 1933-1936

Nora Bateson Bookmobile for PEI Library Demonstration, 1933.  Courtesy of Beaton Institute #83-6197-13497 In the original Imagine Antigonish collection launched in 2014. this photo of the bookmobile was incorrectly attributed to an initiative of Fr. Jimmy Tompkins and the Antigonish Movement when he was the parish priest in Reserve Mines. Sue Adams, who has […]

Cape Breton bound, c 1930

Cape Breton bound, c 1930. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald