Three brothers

Prosper  brothers, Paqtnkek.  L-R:  Courtesy of John R. Prosper, Paqtnkek, Family Album.

Mary Agnes, David and Mary Ann Phee, c 1950s

Mary Agnes, David and Mary Ann Phee, c 1950s. Courtesy of Sandra Gero. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald Anne Louise MacDonald’s steady hand and healing brush are in evidence here. And other Photoshop tools such as cloning. She had to do something about the line right across Mary Ann’s face in the original photo, so she […]

Billy Colin MacDonald family, 1949

Billy Colin MacDonald family, 1949, Back L-R: Billy Colin, Ronald, Colin; Middle L-R: Catherine (MacFarlane), Tina, Ann Theresa, Mary Lillian, Catherine; Front: L-R:Eunice, Margie, Roddie, Wilena, Family home build 1830, James River, c 1947. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald. Inset: L-R: Twins, Mary Lillian and Ann Theresa c 1937. Dorothy Lander in conversation with Mary Lillian […]

Marshall-Prosper Family Get-together, Paqtnkek , 1940s

Marshall-Prosper Family Get-together L-R: Back Row: Mr. Maurice Marshall, Mr. Edward Juban, Mr. James Marshall, Mrs. Theresa Marshall, Mr. Charlie Johnson; Front L-R: Miss Mary B. Prosper, Mrs. Bridget Marshall, Miss Rita Prosper (hidden girl Miss Madeline??), Paqtnkek , 1940s. Courtesy of John R. Prosper. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.

Grand-mére Annie Broussard and Children

Grand-mére Annie Broussard . L-R : May Doiron, Gladys Doiron , Lewis Barker, Gloria Barker, Rita Doiron, c 1925. May Bouchard, champion of French culture and language received Order of Canada, 2002. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald.     May Doiron (the one with the prominent bow ) grew up to win many […]