China dolls, circa 1910

China dolls, circa 1910. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum, Cunningham Album. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald

Dog sled. Twins Mary & Elizabeth Doiron. Courtesy of Pomquet Héritage.

Twins Mary and Elizabeth Doiron, Pomquet, 1940s. Courtesy of Pomquet Héritage.  Email to Amberlee Boulton from Daniel Benoit, July 5, 2014.  The girls are my grand uncle’s twins Mary & Elizabeth Doiron, my grand uncle was Charles John Doiron married to Emma Jane Deyoung  we don’t know the twins birthdate but the picture looks to have […]

Bernadette and Albert Doiron, Pomquet, circa 1920

Bernadette and Albert Doiron, Pomquet, circa 1920.   Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Betty Cameron     This photo was taken at the same time as the photo with the doll carriage. The difference in the quality of restoration is that no original was available for this photo, and Betty accomplished this from a scan of a […]

Marian Seaman, circa 1901

Marian Seaman, only child of Clara (Cunningham) and Charles Seaman, circa 1901. Photographer: George Waldren. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald

Arthur Venedam, 1952

Arthur Venedam, 1952. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald. Since the 1970s, Arthur and Ronnie Venedam (A & R Venedam Construction) have carried on the family business as general contractors, building and restoring homes and businesses. They are located at 15 Oak Lane in Whiddens Trailer Court.