T. J. (Thomas) Sears livery stable, Lochaber, 1905 – 1910

T. J. (Thomas) Sears livery stable, Lochaber, 1905 – 1910. Courtesy of Antigonish Heritage Museum. Restoration: Anne Louise MacDonald. Tom (T. J. ) Sears began his livery stable in Lochaber in 1901. He sold the business in 1913 and moved to town to start a business on Main Street , which would become Eastern Auto […]

Pomquet Railroad Station, early 1900s

Pomquet Railroad Station. L-R: Simon Alfred Vincent, Jane Vincent, Effie Cross, Eddie Doiron and Lizzer, early 1900s. Courtesy of PomquetHéritage.   Restoration: Betty Cameron.     In conversation with May (Doiron) Bouchard, June 23, 2014. Going into Antigonish by train for the day meant dressing up. People would catch the early train in the morning and […]