TV Antenna Installation c 1954

Who installed TV antennas in Antigonish in 1954KArin Alex Fleurin behind Wong's Cafe Sydney St TV antennas

Karin Alex Fleurin TV Antenna installation 1950s

Karin Alex Fleurin posted these photos on Old Photos of Antigonish with these notations:

  • This is another reposted photo. In the bottom right, I am sitting on a fence that enclosed a play area behind our apartment, the apartment adjacent to Wong’s Café. In the background is Sydney Street. The fire station is on the right side of the street. Photo ca 1954. The men on the roof are installing television antennas. The vacant lot of the right is now part of the parking lot behind Haliburton Pharmacy.
  • Karin Alex Fleuren Installing a television antenna on the same roof as shown in previous photo. You might see a bit more background, but not much. Televisions were just making a debut then; you needed an antenna. No such thing as satellite or cable then.  I believe all programs were free if you could get ay sort of reception, most of it being grainy black and white with a lot of snowy interference -and only two or three available channels!

  • Bernice MacDonald Thinking of the “safety” features of this photo – today you would be wearing a helmet just to sit on that railing and the men on the roof would have safety harness gear on and a bucket truck to get them up there!

Responding to Bernice, would Workman’s Compensation have existed in 1954?    And a small child like Karin would not have been allowed anywhere near the installation!!

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