Update on Imagine Antigonish in The Casket, November 5, 2014


imagine-antigonishCMYK The Casket Nov 7 2014

Emily Hiltz interviewed us in the Antigonish Heritage Museum, and how skilfully she has crafted this story from our far-ranging conversation.  We chose this banner for the photo deliberately because it represents the diversity of the Antigonish community — the Mi’kmaq, Acadians, Dutch, Chinese, Scots — and the co-op housing movement.    And look carefully at the 1980s aerial photo on the wall — it is Town Point, the site of the 1784 landing of the Hierlihy family and their company of soldiers, which will be the focus for the first of featured heritage walks and popular education events, beginning in the summer of 2015, and sponsored by Arts Health Antigonish.


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