Where are the Cooperative Arts in the 36 Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada?

The 14 Banners of Imagine Antigonish  illustrate 14 essential conditions for healthy community, rather than core competencies. Still do  you find it hard hard to fathom as I do, that 3000 public health practitioners across Canada did not identify engagement with the arts as a core competency?   Also noticeable that not a single visual to accompany these 36 Core Competencies.


Developed in consultation with more than 3000 practitioners across the country, Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada: Release 1.0 organizes 36 competency statements into the following seven categories:

  1. Public health sciences
  2. Assessment and analysis
  3. Policy and program planning, implementation and evaluation
  4. Partnerships, collaboration, advocacy
  5. Diversity
  6. Communication
  7. Leadership

These core competencies, with their companion glossary, transcend the boundaries of specific disciplines and provide a baseline for all public health professionals.



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